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Serenity Pastures & Stables

Boarding, Retirement & Rehabilitation for your Equine Companion

Welcome to Serenity Pastures & Stables, a premier facility for your horse's boarding, retirement, and rehabilitation needs in beautiful Rupert, Idaho.


Really wonderful and attentive care provided to our horses.

Jules Miner, 4/2/17

Just wanted to thank serenity stables for the great care they gave my mare. Bella had gotten Canker in her hoof wall last fall, although it has healed it is still guarded until the frog and wall grow back. I was getting ready to leave on vacation and needed to find someone who could care for her with the same persistent care that she needed. Karina and Hailey did a wonderful job, just their concern gave me peace of mind that I was able to leave and know she would be well cared for. Thanks for everything.

Pam Darrington, 2/15/17